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Weekly Pool Cleaning & Care Austin

We make pool care simple.

Select your perfect pack, receive a custom consult, and relax as your pool gets cleaner each week.

Essentials Pack

It's all about the essentials. Comprehensive cleaning, chemistry, and inspection, once a week – it's simple.
From $269 / month + tax
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7-point Chemistry Balancing
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Vacuuming, Basket Cleaning, Netting, and Brushing
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Filter Backwashing
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Customized Email Report
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Customized Report
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DIY Pack

In 2 hours, we’ll make you an expert of your own pool. Like school, but more practical.
$169 / session + tax
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Operational Walk-Through
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DIY Maintenance Walk Through
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Flow Pool Care Handbook
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Complimentary one-time Essential Care 
I'll Do It Myself

Installation & Repair

From a simple basket replacement to the installation or repair of a pump, heater, filter, or all of the above. We are a licensed Residential Appliance Installation Contractor (TICL 1233.) in the State of Texas, and are equipped to handle all of your new installation and equipment repair needs. Give us a call and we’ll work to help you over the phone. If not, we’re happy to come to diagnose and fix the problem.

Weekly Pool Cleaning & Care Austin

Pools are a tricky balancing act of chemicals which can make them difficult to properly maintain. At Flow, we provide weekly cleaning and maintenance services so all you have to do is jump in and enjoy your pool! Our approach is straightforward yet comprehensive, focusing on the essentials of pool maintenance: cleaning, chemistry, and inspection. With a once-a-week service, you can rest easy knowing that your pool is in good hands.

For those who want to go above and beyond, we offer a Premium package that includes automatic scheduling for filter cleanings and spa refreshes, as well as covering all chemical costs. This means you don't have to worry about a thing when it comes to maintaining your pool's cleanliness and chemistry. We also provide a monthly report regarding your pool and the work we have done. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your sparkling clean pool all season long.

Why is Pool Care & Maintenance Important?

By having your pool cleaned routinely you can ensure that the water is safe for everyone to swim in. Regular maintenance helps to ensure that your pool is free from hazards such as bacteria, algae, and other contaminants that can pose health risks to swimmers. We also make sure that all the chemicals are balanced and at proper levels. If you don’t have your pool regularly cleaned it could also cause premature wear and tear.

If there is an overgrowth of algae, over time, this can damage the pool's surfaces, such as the tiles, plaster, or vinyl liners. If debris such as algae is left untreated it could also cause stains that can be difficult and potentially costly to remove. Another issue you could experience is clogged filters and pumps. If they become clogged your pool will not run efficiently and you increase the risk of other parts of the pool's system failing. This can also be extremely costly to repair or the equipment may even need to be replaced. With our weekly pool cleaning you will have a clean pool that is functioning as it should year round.

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Why Work With Us?

At Flow, we want to take the stress of owning a pool off of our customers hands. By working with us we do all the tedious work of making sure everything is running properly so you can focus on what matters - which is relaxing and enjoying your pool! Our owner Liam Peel is an experienced luxury pool technician who cares deeply about quality of work and customer service. We will go above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied with our work every time we visit. 

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Why trust Flow?

Your pool is a sanctuary and so is your home. We believe in providing expert pool care and premium customer service, without getting in the way. Let us ease the aches of pool ownership, so that you can spend your time doing the things that you love.

Whether you're a corporate client or the owner of a private pool, we have a service to suit your water needs.
•  Water Balancing
•  Equipment Servicing
•  Detailed Pool Cleaning
•  Preventative Maintenance
•  Custom Service Reporting
•  Pool Care Training
•  Privacy Accommodations
•  Water Features
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a minimum contract term?
No! All of our recurring maintenance packs are month to month.
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Why does the Premium Pack cost so much more than other local services?
Our Premium Pack is as comprehensive as possible. It's built for peace of mind. The service includes preventative maintenance like filter cleaning, spa draining and refills, and all chemical costs. Pick premium and save on money and time – no extra charges or scheduling headaches in sight.
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Do you service hot tubs, fountains, ponds, etc.?
Yes! For any of these services, give us a call or book here for a complimentary consultation.
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How does the price change if I choose to pay annually?
Customers who choose to pay annually on the Premium pack receive 10% off.
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Why should I hire a professional to care for my pool?
Your time is valuable. There is a significant time investment required to learn safety procedures, water chemistry, hydronics, sanitization, and other aspects of pool care. A Certified Pool Operator from the Flow team brings all of this expertise on a predictable schedule.

Premium pool service has arrived in Austin, Texas.

Expert pool care and maintenance without the headaches. Prices start from just $269 + tax.
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