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Great service requires great people.

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Since cleaning our first pool in September 2022, Flow has experienced rapid growth.
We're seeking high energy, high integrity people to grow into pool maintenance and repair technician roles with us.







Why join Flow?

Because, like we said, we're really great. But also:
• Best-in-industry pay ($52,000 year entry-level)
• Participate in company growth (new roles, promotions)
• Influence culture and business strategy over time

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Our philosophy is to hire exceptional people who value taking responsibility, and then give them the tools, training, and systems to thrive independently. We do this through a 2-week in-field training program, continued education at each promotion level, and a detailed set of standard operating procedures for working in the field. If this fits your personality, fill out the short form below and we'll respond today.

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Service Tech
We're looking for a pretty cool service tech to help us clean lots of pools. We need the pools to be squeaky clean.
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