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Hot Tub Cleaning and Care Services

We make pool care simple.

Select your perfect pack, receive a custom consult, and relax as your pool gets cleaner each week.

Essentials Pack

It's all about the essentials. Comprehensive cleaning, chemistry, and inspection, once a week – it's simple.
From $269 / month + tax
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7-point Chemistry Balancing
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Vacuuming, Basket Cleaning, Netting, and Brushing
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Filter Backwashing
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Customized Email Report
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Customized Report
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DIY Pack

In 2 hours, we’ll make you an expert of your own pool. Like school, but more practical.
$169 / session + tax
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Operational Walk-Through
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DIY Maintenance Walk Through
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Flow Pool Care Handbook
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Complimentary one-time Essential Care 
I'll Do It Myself

Installation & Repair

From a simple basket replacement to the installation or repair of a pump, heater, filter, or all of the above. We are a licensed Residential Appliance Installation Contractor (TICL 1233.) in the State of Texas, and are equipped to handle all of your new installation and equipment repair needs. Give us a call and we’ll work to help you over the phone. If not, we’re happy to come to diagnose and fix the problem.

Hot Tub Cleaning and Care Services

Hot tubs are a great place to relax and unwind. However, taking care of them can be anything but relaxing. At Flow, our pool care experts provide comprehensive hot tub care services so you can skip the hassle. We know how to properly clean and balance the chemicals within your hot tub so it is performing optimally and safe for soaking. 

You can book a one-time service with us or invest in a regular maintenance package so your hot tub is ready to go all year round. 

Hot Tub Draining and Refill Services

Is your hot tub looking murky? Is there unwanted debris floating around? Don’t worry! We offer hot tub draining and refill services to get your tub looking sparkly clean again. The service starts by completely emptying your spa. We will then remove debris and give the walls a deep clean and scrub. Once we have a clean base, we will refill your tub with fresh and clean water. 

Once your tub is filled we will add chemicals and make sure they are balanced properly. Having properly balanced chemicals in your hot tub will ensure that the water stays clean and that it is safe to swim in.

Why is it important to have your hot tub cleaned? 

Your hot tub is the ultimate place for relaxation, but it can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. These unwanted hazards are often due to improper chemical balancing. Getting the right level of chemicals can be a hassle. Our team knows how to perfectly balance your tub so you don’t have to worry about getting those levels right. As well, debris, oils, lotions, and other contaminants can accumulate in your hot tub water leaving it cloudy and murky looking. Our draining and refill services remove these contaminants from your spa so you can have crystal-clear water to relax in. 

Knowing that your hot tub is clean and well-maintained allows you to relax and enjoy your spa without worrying about potential health risks. At Flow, our main goal is all about creating a worry-free environment where you can truly unwind.

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Why Work With Us?

At Flow, we work to provide comprehensive pool and hot tub services that take care of any issues so you don’t have to. We believe that your pool or tub is meant to help you decompress, not cause stress. Our team is led by Liam Peel a friendly Canadian who has a passion for pools. He has years of experience as a luxury pool technician and knows the right formula to make any water sparkle. At Flow, we aim to provide exceptional pool cleaning and customer service. We aim to be transparent, on time, and professional with every service. Contact us today if you are interested in our hot tub care or other pool-related services.

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Why trust Flow?

Your pool is a sanctuary and so is your home. We believe in providing expert pool care and premium customer service, without getting in the way. Let us ease the aches of pool ownership, so that you can spend your time doing the things that you love.

Whether you're a corporate client or the owner of a private pool, we have a service to suit your water needs.
•  Water Balancing
•  Equipment Servicing
•  Detailed Pool Cleaning
•  Preventative Maintenance
•  Custom Service Reporting
•  Pool Care Training
•  Privacy Accommodations
•  Water Features
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a minimum contract term?
No! All of our recurring maintenance packs are month to month.
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Why does the Premium Pack cost so much more than other local services?
Our Premium Pack is as comprehensive as possible. It's built for peace of mind. The service includes preventative maintenance like filter cleaning, spa draining and refills, and all chemical costs. Pick premium and save on money and time – no extra charges or scheduling headaches in sight.
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Do you service hot tubs, fountains, ponds, etc.?
Yes! For any of these services, give us a call or book here for a complimentary consultation.
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How does the price change if I choose to pay annually?
Customers who choose to pay annually on the Premium pack receive 10% off.
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Why should I hire a professional to care for my pool?
Your time is valuable. There is a significant time investment required to learn safety procedures, water chemistry, hydronics, sanitization, and other aspects of pool care. A Certified Pool Operator from the Flow team brings all of this expertise on a predictable schedule.

Premium pool service has arrived in Austin, Texas.

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